Q. Is Slab-Renew a coating or scratch filler?

   A. No, Slab-Renew® is a liquid polishing compound developed exclusively for the type of plastic used by the major certification companies.

Q. Will Slab-Renew® permeate the holder and effect my coin?

   A. Most definitely not. Our product is a topical application that does not permeate the molecular structure of the plastic holder.

Q. Will the scratch reappear over time?

   A. Definitely not. Once gone, gone forever.

Q. Your website does not mention NGC. Does your product work on NGC holders?

   A. NGC holders are made from very different material than the other certification companies. They tend to scratch less but also           as a result they tend to respond less to treatment. We do not guarantee stellar results on NGC holders.

Q. Your product seems rather expensive....?
   A. The best is never cheap. Your cost concerns will disappear when you experience the impressive results from Slab-Renew®.

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For over ten years, Slab Renew, LLC has supplied collectors and dealers worldwide with the best solution in the market for restoring your certified slabs to like new condition. Started by collectors for collectors., we take great pride in saving our customers hundreds and even thousands of dollars in reslabbing costs. We are also the best solution for avoiding reholdering older green PCGS holders as well as those from other certification companies. Thanks to our wonderful customer base and the amazing emails of support we have received over the years. We will never lose focus on our greatest asset - our customers.​ If you're not thrilled, we're not happy.

The Outcome is Crystal Clear! 


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       Welcome to Slab- Renew®

                         The #1 Product for Restoration of  your Certified Coin and Card Holders!


At Slab Renew, LLC, we know how frustrating it can be to have a beautiful coin, sports card, or rare comic book housed in a certified holder with distracting scratches or scuffs. Slab-Renew® was developed to insure a safe and effective way to restore your PCGS™, ANACS™, ICG™, PSA™, or CGC™ holders to like new condition. Unlike some other remedies out there, our product is not a coating or filler but instead a liquid polish that will permanently remove scratches, scuffs, haze and even stubborn glue residue without leaving any film or residue. 

Don't trust your valuable collectibles to amateuristic solutions that can do more harm than good. Go with the best product on the market and the best full money-back guarantee in the business. But don't simply take our word, read our impressive customer testimonials from satisfied Slab-Renew® users in over 20 countries worldwide.

  • Shake bottle before each use!
  • Use a soft terry cloth type towel or other 'rough' type of fabric. Smooth fabric or paper towels are not recommended.
  • Place a few drops of Slab-Renew ® onto the towel and apply to the slab.
  • For a large scratch, rub back in forth in the same direction as the scratch. Slab-Renew will not fill the scratch, it will polish it until the same optical clarity is reached as the surrounding plastic. Use very firm pressure.
  • For scuffs, a circular motion will work best. Use very firm pressure.
  • For glue or sticker residue, only light pressure is needed. Be certain not to rub directly on the very sensitive Holograms!
  • With each application, use lighter and lighter pressure until crystal clear clarity is reached.
  • Similar instructions appear on each bottle.
  • Shelf life is one year. Afterwards, effectiveness is diminished.
  • Lastly - Caution: Do not lend to fellow collectors. (You will never see your bottle again!)

We are very sorry but due to a shortage of two key raw materials, we cannot presently accept orders. Please check back periodically for updates. Thank-you for your support.

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